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"Funny huh, you say you are tired of my annoying voice every morning when this is my f*****g company!, I have the right to do as I please geek, for your own information, your a*s is fired!" He yelled as I felt my last resolve snap.

I pushed him on the couch that was behind him and straddled him as he tried to push me away, I took off my glasses with a smirk.

"I'm glad that I am fired, therefore I will do as I please with you Mr CEO" I said then pushed his hands over his head and held them in one of mine.

I pulled off my tie with my free hand and tied his hands while he struggled.

"What are you doing asshole?" He asked angrily.

"Watch" I whispered while I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers.

"What the f**k, no! let go! let go!" He yelled when I pulled his pants down and looked at his d**k which shocked me, he had a little d**k.

"I will scream asshole, let go of me!" He yelled with forming tears trying to break free.

"If you scream I will break your little d**k" I threatened angrily.

He froze making me smile, finally he was giving in.

"I'm a man, can't you see?" He asked in a cracking voice.

"So am I, and I can see just fine, just to let you in on my little secret, I'm bisexual" I whispered as he gasped with wide eyes.

"What are you planing to do" he asked while I sucked on my middle finger.


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                 Lucas's p.o.v

"So that's how it was huh?" I asked in a low tone.

"Yes, I wanted to protect my unborn child from my parents Lucas." She whispered.

I faced her sadly then swallowed hard.