Of Wolves and Dragons


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My kind has been hunted for generations. Even now in this day in age we are still hunted down by those who seek power. I am descendant of dragons, a Draconian. My grandmother kept me safe until she died. Now I am forced to go to The Waver Academy, a school for supernatural beings like me. I've always been able to keep my identity a secret but now that will turn out to be harder than ever.
I thought I knew everything I needed to know of my kind..........I was wrong. No one ever told me that a Draconian gets a mate, I thought that was something reserved for werewolves. Now, that brings me to the next problem of why my secret will be harder to keep. Draconian get 2 screwed will I be when 2 Alpha werewolves end up being my mates?

-The writer-Hope you guys enjoy the book. I just wanted to remind you that there might be some grammatical errors since English is not my main language but I hope you guy give the book a chance. I'm always editing the chapters if I find mistakes. Thank you.


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Chapter Thirty

Luke comes close to me hugging me tight. "Be careful, I love you."  

"I love you too." 

He says nuzzling in to me, he turns around and takes on running shifting in the process. 

I look back at the creature and the teachers are already slowing him down with wards and spells. I take a deep breath and then ……