The Alpha's Stolen Mate

Melboy Vampire/Werewolf

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Katerina Lawson has always been a loner as far back as she can remember, which due to her amnesia, wasn't that long ago. Trust is a gift she struggles to give and letting people into her life is even harder. If amnesia wasn't enough to handle, Katarina must also deal with transforming into a giant black cat without warning and keeping her secret from boyfriend, David, and only friend, Amyleigh.
When a man looking more godlike then humanly possible enters her life, she is faced with feelings she has never felt before. Or has she?


Tags: WerewolfAlphaLove-triangleDramaSweetDreameSeed2019BxGBxB
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Chapter 21

There's someone in my house.

I sit bolt upright in bed listening to the noises coming from my kitchen. Dishes are clattering and it sounds like someone is going through the cupboards as door after door is opened then shut. There must be two of them as I can hear the pleather cushions squeaking in response to the movements of whomev……