The Alpha's Stolen Mate

Melboy Vampire/Werewolf

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Katerina Lawson has always been a loner as far back as she can remember, which due to her amnesia, wasn't that long ago. Trust is a gift she struggles to give and letting people into her life is even harder. If amnesia wasn't enough to handle, Katarina must also deal with transforming into a giant black cat without warning and keeping her secret from boyfriend, David, and only friend, Amyleigh.
When a man looking more godlike then humanly possible enters her life, she is faced with feelings she has never felt before. Or has she?


Tags: WerewolfAlphaLove-triangleSexKidnapPackDramaSweetBxGBxB
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Chapter 61

A month had passed since Amyleigh had joined the wolf pack and true to her word, we kept in contact. We had gone for a couple of runs together and spoke on the phone a few times a week. Pack life for her was an easy transition and I was so grateful for Jake's support for her. He really was becoming a great Alpha.
Buck and I were inseparable. ……