Dangerous (BoyxBoy)

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"You're mine." Jeremy cups the back of Jason's head, coaxing him closer.

"What makes you so sure?"
He licked the opening of Jason's lips seductively before answering,

"Because I always get what I want."

Meet Jeremy. Jeremy had always had the looks, even from the day he was born. He was known as many things in high school; intelligent, rich, handsome, and having a passion for making everything he wants his. One day, however, he is met with a hurdle, or what he likes to call a malfunction. He falls helplessly in love with a football player named Jason, and when he can't seem to make him his property, he resorts to other techniques that never failed him in the past. Jason finds out that even associating with this dangerous teen flips his whole life upside down, and he's about to realize that him and his friends will never be the same again.

(Disclaimer): Side Character stories will show up in the book as well.


Tags: murderpossessivearrogantbadboydramabxbbisexual
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