Beautiful Catastrophe

Autumn Summers Romance

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"When love got in the way..."

Catastrophe: an event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering; a disaster.

It seemed as though my life brought nothing but disasters, one after the other, never giving me a break. But this catastrophe was something more than I was expecting. It was Nathan, and all of the events that followed after him. Hideous and terrible but yet beautiful, so beautiful.

Kim was done with her family and men, they were two things that could only bring heartache and she was sick of it. But after five years of running, she discovers her past is not something she can leave behind. Nathan, a CIA Agent comes looking for answers and forces Kim to embark on a trip full of disasters, lies, tears, attraction and maybe... love?


Tags: RevengeDarkPossessiveKidnapBadboyKickass HeroinePowerfulDramaBxG
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The time had finally come, it was the day that everything would change for Kim- and she didn't even know yet.

They talked over the dinner Nathan made and shared the same bed the night before. Kim wasn't afraid of the close contact anymore and fell comfortably into a deep sleep in his arms. Everything was beginning to mend itself between……