My Boss Is My Tormentor

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Ryan Johnson a famous billionaire from New York who likes things and people under his control visits India for a business project.
Coming to India, he wasn't ready to meet the green-eyed spitfire of a woman who would bring him to his knees and make him question everything he'd ever known of Indian woman because, you see, his mother was Indian but she didn't love and didn't have any loyalty to his father.
Rose Kapoor was everything he never saw in his mother and in any other woman he'd ever met. She didn't bow down in front of him seeing his wealth and power. She didn't submit in front of him like most man double her size do.
No, she just didn't give a damn about him.
The first time they met she insulted him publicly. The second time they met she slapped him hard on the face.
Enraged and a bit baffled by this Indian beauty. And, desperate to get her under his control to dominate her, to demand her submission, Ryan devised a plan and blackmailed her.
Kind, loyal and fierce to protect her loved one's Rose, being the naive virgin, didn't know what kind of submission her boss was demanding.
"Now, you're my property for as long as I want. No terms. No conditions. No time period. No objections. Just your submission." I looked into her eyes, "Your consent for whatever I wish and demand of you." She nodded jerkily her whole body rigid. "Well done. Go to the bedroom. In the bottom drawer by the bed, you'll find the red tie, bind it on your eyes. Strip. And, wait for me in bed, on your knees."

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