The Alpha's Substitute Bride

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He has a mistress . He was promised my sister as his bride but was given me tead . He doesn't want me . He doesn't love me . Then why , oh why doesn't he just let me go ?
Hunter , the notorious and dangerous Alpha was widely feared in the supernatural world . Everyone knew of him and his heartless deeds . After witnessing the death of his mate , he'd completely lost it and lived a life meant only to kill . It was the only thing that kept him from thinking about his dead mate and so he did everything he could to make living easier . But he wanted a wife , someone who would be able to keep him company , someone he was sure he wouldn't love for he never wanted to be weak for another again . That was why he wanted Eden Cross , he didn't feel anything for her but tead everything changed when he'd been given her sister , Isabella Cross in place of her . Hunter didn't want her … didn't want her because she made him feel again and he hated every minute of it . But he was stuck with her because the deal had already been made , now he had to fight the strong attraction beeen them , for falling for Isabella Cross was the last thing Hunter planned on ever doing .
The Alpha Prince And His Bride Book 3 (Stand Alone Novel )


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