The Richling's Trip-Married To Mr. Rich Jerk 2

Diksha (Taani) Romance

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"You don't feel anything. Do you?" She seethed pausing a bit as she suddenly came closer, looking at him; her eyes taunting him for a reason.

"You know it's not true." Finally, he chose to reply turning another way; not able to match her accusing, piercing gaze, "I don't want to hurt you." Yet, he managed to whisper heaving out a silent sigh.

"Of course," her response came out as derision, leaving him cheerless. Keeping the glass of alcohol away, she got up to leave. It brought different things while she was with him, "Oh come on, Mr. Parker, I'm not that naïve actually as I seem to be," she let out a satirical chuckle stepping away as he manages only a deep set of frowns as his response. "Never mind. My mistake though. I wouldn't repeat it." She muttered completely giving up; gulping the last sip of her drink. As she places the empty bottle away, she directly walks away, leaving him alarmed.

"I do not tend to repeat it," she deliberately repeated her last sentence in contempt; staring back at him and struggling to fight back her tears of anger mixed with hurt; while he just managed to look at her with what appeared like hope and love.

RYDEN PARKER, The name says it all about his power. He absolutely got everything. However, something made his heart weak and build these big and wide walls around his heart.

SARAH REEVES, Optimistic yet clumsy. But life's quite hard on her. Doesn't believe in fairy tales and fantasies. Her life changes when she meets the great, Ryden Parker, mysterious but an easy chap.

Is it a beginning of a Perfect Romance or is it going to be a fire ice relationship?


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