Not A Kid ( Book 2)

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Ken ran away,he didn't want to put James in trouble so he ran.No one knew where he went,no one ever heard from him unless its James talking about how much he miss him.Its almost a year still ken was last seen.

Nash cousin visit and when he,he,ash and james was at the airport with his relative,james spot a familiar blonde hair,chasing after the boy ,he was now staring into ken's eyes.


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"Calm the hell down".Mika smirk at me,fixing my hair.

I nod quickly,I wasn't calm though,I was getting married today.Today!!!.

"Holy shit".I said when I heard the music began.

Mika chuckled and took my hand.Our wedding was different,We have two best mans,Ash and Nash and Mika will walk me .I like that it was an outs……