My Sexy IT Guy (English)

Glow Peridote Romance

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I will avenge you, Sis! I swear!" Yuri sobbed bitterly amid the torrential ratorm while staring at her sister's grave.

I don't buy it! Grandpa's death was not an accident! I'll find out who was the killer! He'll be dead in my own hands!" Chan shouted furiously, as he punched the window glass until it broke apart.

With determination, they entered Gemilang Gelora Company to conduct an investigation.

Who would have guessed that Yuri and Chan would meet there accidentally?

The beautiful Internal Audit Officer who wants revenge and the sexy and lustful IT Security System Officer was met with each other by fate.

Who would have thought, that this meeting would continue in a thrilling romantic adventure beeen Yuri and Chan?

Is love or revenge dominating their adventure?


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