Gunner's Paradise


Akim Goddard Action

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In a warzone, death is almost always certain. In Desolation they are no set rules, poverty is the mistress and crime is King.

Sheldon and Natalya spend most of their day pickpocketing to live, repeating the same routine every day hoping like everyone else to escape the city. It would only take one change to a nicer location and an unwelcome meeting with Cindy, who claims that she can read the future for their life to change. Dismissed at first, when Cindy however, starts to show them the future, they realise that her words are true. Unknown to Sheldon and Natalya the major gangs in the city have started to look for this mysterious girl. Has Cindy brought them good fortune or is this the beginning of a nightmare?


Tags: adventuredarktragedytwistedno-couplemysterycitybetrayalcrimedystopianStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Calm After The Storm

“Where do you go from here?” Delano asked the children.

“Maselon, we are leaving the city.”

“How do you intend to get there?” As he turned to face Sheldon “The border is secured. Only certain people can pay the fee to leave I highly doubt you have that money.”

Sheldon clenched his fist.“We will figure out a way, we have to.”


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