MN ESRA Romance

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“Atty. Tamara, can I ask you a favor?” Alex's deep eyes were looking at her intently.
Alexander Brias the CEO of a multi-billion company wanted to confirm his suspicion.
Tamara tilted her face to look at the newly appointed CEO, then she said,
“Certainly Sir,” she thought he will summon another order, he’s the boss after all.
“Can you please take off your eyeglasses?” he continued to gaze at her, holding his breath.
Tamara was completely taken aback by his personal request but she needed to comply noheless.
“Sure Sir” she took off her glasses, clearing her vision then she slowly faced him.
Although her curly brown long hair was in a bun, Alex immediately recognized the lady without her glasses on. She was the lady he saw wearing the golden gown yesterday. Without her eyeglasses, she became attractive in his eyes.
He was stunned but he concealed it tantly.
The gorgeous and sexy lady is none other than the cold and old fashioned lawyer and his Merger and Acquisition Head Lawyer - Atty. Tamara Legaspi.


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