The Man Everyone Wants Loves Me

MN ESRA Romance

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What will you do if a popular SK actor invites you for a day around the city on your birthday?
Wang Hyan - 32 y/o an international actor and Charrie Gonzales-27 y/o a young CEO
Despite the distance, culture, language, and different worlds, could a relationship beeen the o survive?

“What’s your plan for the day?” Hyan asked Charrie
“Nothing specific but, I may explore the city later” she had just finished brewing the coffee for her unexpected guest.
“Okey then let’s go wherever you want.” his dimpled bright smile was impossible to resist.
“What?” she’s stunned “us, going together?” tilting her head with a confused reaction.
“Yup! You have me for the rest of the day!” he answered, spreading his arms by the sofa looking very comfortable.
“Oh! Oh! That cannot be!” she shook her head, spending time with a popular personality was not her idea of enjoyment.
“Of course, it’s possible, I don't have anything to do today! As long as we don’t stay in one place for too long, we will be fine. Otherwise, people will notice us and camp!” He was just telling her it is perfectly alright with him to be with her today.
“But..” she will protest but…
“No buts, let’s just do it!” Hyan’s smile widens it reached his magic eyes. He's excited Charrie could tell and made it even harder for her to resist him.
In her thoughts "Oh my! He's really gorgeous!" Did he just tell her, he will be her date for the day? She's very uneasy.
She closed her eyes and think for a few seconds and arrived at a decision “Be crazy Charrie! It’s another birthday gift!” she guessed it’s better than spending her birthday alone. It could be an adventure.
She opened her eyes and then said “If you ist then it’s a Yes! Let’s do it, It’s my birthday anyway!”

It's the start of an adventure that would change Charrie's life forever.


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