Alpha Rising


Anna Miller Paranormal

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The pull of an Alpha is nearly impossible to resist. It’s this gravitating force that stems from something deep within a wolf’s soul. You’re either born with that pull, or you aren’t. If you are, it can be honed and trained during the Alpha Trials that begin once you reach adulthood. The Eastern Celestial packs have long-standing traditions and laws in their territories regarding the use and training of an Alpha’s pull, some of which have been under scrutiny for being outdated and archaic.

Tradition states that only a male heir can replace their father as the Alpha of a pack. But the law of nature begs to differ. Twins Alban and Vira were born only a few minutes apart. And for the past 20 years, their parents have been hiding a secret from them and the rest of the pack. With their 21st birthday fast approaching and the council hounding them for information, the twins will have the fight of their lives on their hands if they want to follow their destined paths.


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Chapter Thirteen

I ould hardly remember how the rest of the conversation went. After that point. Dad had gone on to bolster Alpha Jeremy’s plea, and brought up the proposal for a string of safehouses spanning the mountain range. 

The call for volunteers came again, and I was still the first to step up and stand alongside the others already forming a l……