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One-shot story

'Do I look like I'm joking to you?' He could well drown me with those sky-colored eyes. I wouldn't care a damn thing.

'If you're not joking then so be it. Working as your boy wouldn't hurt I guess,' I told him, my mind already made up.

'Oh, it will,' he replied and despite how ghostly his grin appeared to be, I caught it with mischief. 'It comes with a special chore.'

'And what is that?' I took in his scent. The scent of a male I'm supposed to avoid. Greatly. With all my strength.

I guess that strength was nonexistent now when talking about my boss.

'You'll have to polish my rifles for me,' he worded smoothly. 'You are not afraid of guns are you? Long, hard and ready to explode anytime, any day.'

I couldn't help myself but ask, 'Are we talking about metallic objects here, Mr. Lancaster, Sir? Or something else?'

'Depends on how you understand it,' came his riddle and then he pulled my chair down. 'Now, talk! That's an order!'

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Five possibilities in one. Which would you choose?

~ A queen and her servant?

~ A general and his captive?

~ A bride and groom?

~ A husband and wife with child?

~ Or just plain, a secretary and his boss?

Genre: Humor, One-shot, Romance

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Cringing, I cracked open my eyes to see the face of my very own boss above me.

'Now is not the time to sleep.'

I massaged my head and looked at him with a scowl.

'I wasn't sleeping! I fell and hit my head!'

His gaze examined the upturned stool, d……