The Nerd And The Alpha Kings

Artemis Vampire/Werewolf

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Spin off of Afraid Of My Mate

Bella Collins is a normal werewolf after being protected most of her life given her mothers background and fathers. She decides to Focus on her education

Shes always been the shy wolf with little friends but with in her pack family, she finally goes to collage for nursing, when she encounters the alpha kings.

Dominic and Demetri start teaching at the local collage they've been looking for their mate what happens when they encounter their mate that they thought was new to the area.

Can Bella keep her shy ways or give into the alpha kings


Tags: WerewolfPossessiveSexNerdTeacherKingQueenDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter 31

As you all know i have started a knew job, which has me working my ass off, im really sorry for not uploading or updating you guys on anything i will be trying my hardest to get chapters out for you guys


I watched as Bella dropped to the floor with loud sobs along with gasps from my pack. Joe wasnt helping me much ……