Creatures of the Ice

Stella Purple Paranormal

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(Book #4 of The Creatures Series)

It is the night of the Christmas Eve in human world when Arsene’s parents are being ‘collected’ by The Devil himself. Freshly wounded by heart, but weird enough, Arsene asks The Devil of what she can do to redeem them. Seeing a rather interesting opportunity from the Queen of Noirmelns and the Magistress of Dark Magic, he then makes a deal with her. The Devil then hands Arsene a small-scale black skull.

“Are you willing to become a demon?” the devil asks her.

One pale hand answers that question with an acceptance. Thus begins yet another complicated struggle. Her assignments are to hunt down trespassing and unauthorized demons that comes to the human world and take them back to Hell, where The Devil resides. A thousand demons for both of her parents’ return is the number of the deal. But can such deal be worthy for the comeback of the traitors?

Arsene then becomes an immortal demon by night and a mortal wizard by day. What it takes to change back is to just go back to the human world and touch something that belongs to the Earth. But little by little, becoming a demon just consumes her mortal life until she almost never comes back. Until one day she accidentally drops her skull in the human world, which if she picks up will turn her back to her wizard self. And while her ‘demon minions’ are possibly still around, there is no question that she might be the one being hunted down next.


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Twentieth Ice

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No leash can restrain a burning soul

As no moon can embrace the sun.

I run, lift myself up to the unlimited sky, fall, and then hit something hard. Up or down,……