The Inevitable Lies

KIM- BLACK Romance

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One would think that divorces are the end a love story that never got the chance to fully grow. It's seen as an end...but what if they're only the beginning to something even better?

Caleb was at the top of his career ladder. Being the general manager of a successful hotel chain was not easy and word got out about his cold, hard demeanour. But even though one would think that he had everything, he still missed one important thing....his ex-wife Kate.

Kate had it tough after her husband suddenly wanted a divorce with no apparent reason to her. Her alimony never helped and eventually asked for it to stop. Jumping from one small job to the other and helping out in her mom's cafe didn't bring her anywhere. Until she finally landed the decent job of a secretary at one of the rising hotel chains.
But life never plays fair and if you're meant to meet, the whole universe will conspire towards that meeting.

Maybe, just maybe, Kate and Caleb's story has yet to come to an end.


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Chapter 21

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. 

"Caleb." I called softly.

His eyes moved from their gaze on the floor to mine, his face adorning a surprised expression on it.

"You came." He whispered but I could hear him clearly.

"You waited." I replied as I slowly made my way to him, stopping between his legs.