Married to Mr. Rich Jerk


Diksha (Taani) Romance

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Ryan Parker, famous entrepreneur and extremely rich, is also known for his arrogance and coldness. He's got perfect features and his charms can make any girl to fall for him easily. His escapades with women is not hidden to the world either.

His past makes it hard for him to trust anyone, let alone fall in love. He believes love is just a facade shown for personal gains.
Deep inside, doesn't want to get hurt. He would rather prefer to have night stands than hand his heart to any woman.

Meet Rhea Wright, a beautiful, middle class girl and an orphan, who's known for her honesty and loving nature. She is a perfect girl a man could ever wish for except one person, Ryan Parker.

They hate each other for few reasons and can't stand with each other even for a minute.

But, fate has some different plans and they get married against their wishes.

Who do you think will fall first!?

What happens when these two ends meet.
Find out further in my book, Married To Mr. Rich Jerk.

Lots of Love,
Taani Singh.


Tags: contract marriagelove after marriageopposites attractarrogantaloofdramasweetbxg
Latest Updated

Happily, Everlastingly.

6 years later...

Rhea's POV:

Falling in love can be adventurous, more than ever with the person who you feel is so perfect for you and no other emotion can strike it to be the unsurpassed feelings of the world. I have undergone everything related to being pleased and poignant,……


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