Blackmailed By The Billionaire Casanova

Neha Romance

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.......Somehow you are both the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.....


She never anticipated that the one night she would agree to get out of her shell, her own little bubble of solitude , he comfort zone , that one night would completely bring her world up side down and change her life for the better and for the worse.
He never thought that he would feel such strong feelings towards someone and he never thought he would ever do such insane things to keep feeling those feelings , even blackmail.


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Chapter 30: Epilogue

8 yeas later

Emma's P.O.V :

I looked at Daniels entering with my 2 year old daughters Lilly followed by my 4 years old twin sons Carter and Carson and Daniels girlfriend Layla , all holding ice creams in hands .

"Hey where's my ice cream ?" I asked Daniels taking Lilly from him and placing her on my hip kissing her cheek .