His Tesoro

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"She got swept away by the storm in his eyes 
Drowning in his hurricane kisses
It was the most beautiful disaster ever" 

In which he lurks in the dark hidden away from her , playing the role of her guardian angel , protecting her and most importantly preserving her for himself for when the right time came .
In which she has the naivety of a rabbit and the personality of a cotton candy but she has her own big demons which chase her every day.

The story is gonna have age gap and I don't want any negative comments on that if you can't tolerate age gaps then simply leave .


Tags: BillionaireRomanceStalkerJealousyPossessive
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"Aaron baby this is your uncle Xenon, he is a hero" Claire cooed at the three days old little Aaron who adorably cackled with his his little pink tongue out.

Claire sat with baby Aaron beside the hospital bed where Xenon's motionless body laid beside the beeping heart monitor.

The bullet had barely missed Xeno……