Living With Mr. Billionaire

Neha Romance

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His possessiveness was the outcome of his love
and his anger the outcome of his true care,
towards her.

Scarlett Anderson , 18 years old , due to a tragic accident is obliged to move in with people she doesn't know along with her dad . What she didn't expect was that the people she was moving in would be the definition of what people call filthy rich but what she TOTALLY didn't expect was the rich billionaire heir to be infatuated with her .
Xavier Marshall, 23 and born with a silver spoon in his mouth had been short tempered and ruthless from the beginning , Being the heir to a multi billion dollars company and owning an underground mafia puts a lot on one's shoulder but Xavier has always had a way of getting things done his way and getting what he desires and Scarlett Anderson was no exception to these rules of his.



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Scarlett's pov:

3 years later

" calm down Sasha, jeez stop pacing around like mads " i said getting irritated by Sasha who was pacing around like mads and i have no idea why , it is my wedding but she is the one pacing around with her bundle of nerves being nervous on the other side i am happy cool and calm i mean i don't get the who……