The priest Mistress (18+)

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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He's Not a saint... He's the Demon In the clothes of a Priest!

He ruined her innocence... He used her body... He Accepted her only to be a Nun to fill his Sexual desires in bed Every single night.
“don’t move or I will push my dick inside your pussy now!” I threatened her. She didn’t move, she pleaded “please this is a sin.”
When my evil and demons hit me with a nice lie, I pulled myself up and walked away from the bed then I laid my body on the couch and told her “actually, all the nuns are doing this.”
She slowly adjusted her body and asked me in curiosity “all of them are sinners?! but how! They should be giving all their lives for god!”
I nodded and explained slowly “And who said they are not doing this for god?! satisfying the priests is for god! Who said that being with us is a sin! We are the men of God.”


Tags: BillionaireBDSMForbiddenPossessiveSexForcedPregnantSadisticArrogantDominantManipulativePowerfulStudentPriestDramaSweetBxG
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