Getting Carter (Erotic Dark Romance)

Mariah Sinclair Romance

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Carter Jackson was a rough, ruthless drug lord who didn't do love. He fucked, doing as he pleased to the women who were willing to enter his bedroom.

Emma Sullivan was the girl who grew up around the wrong people, the wrong family striking a deal with Carter but not without putting up a fight to save her drug addicted brother.

Will Carter be able to resist falling in love with the only woman who won't submit to his handsome good looks and burning hot touch and will Emma be able to keep up the devious charade she's been playing all along with the one man she was taught to despise?


Tags: ForbiddenPossessiveSexForcedPlayboyDramaBxG
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Epilogue B Alternate

Carter POV

Anxiously I paced back and forth in the waiting room. It seemed like I had been in here for an eternity waiting for someone to come grab me. Staring back up at the clock for the 10th time in five minutes the nurse finally came in, "The doctor says it's okay for you to come in now."

Eagerly I followed ……