Catching a Shewolf

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"There is only one female, I will get down on my knees for." He whispered huskily as he trailed his hand down my jawline.

"And who is that?" I asked hesitantly. A slow predatory smirk crept on his face.



He was the king--arrogant and demands obedience.
On the first day that he was holding a royal courting to find a chosen to become his queen, his mate lands in his court.

To him, it was simple. Mate her and make her his queen and she will be under his rule.

To her, she was anything but obedient. Giovanni will quickly come to realize just how disobedient his little mate was and how she might just be what he needs to sweeten up his tea and straightened his order.

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Third POV

It was on her eighteenth birthday that her parents looked nervous as they glanced at the clock for the hundredth time. Their gaze flickered to the door as if they were anticipating someone but Jasmine couldn't understand who they were waiting for. Everyone was here--her aunts, uncles, cousins, and neighboring Alphas.

When t……