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Princess Jasmine was raised in a picture perfect world. Her parents have always taught her that her mate was the one thing in the world she couldn't deny. Her love for him should be above all others but what she didn't know was that her parents hid a secret from her. One that will change her life forever, on the night of her eighteenth birthday, she encountered her mate Damien. What she couldn't understand was her parents not allowing her to be with him.

When the truth was revealed, Jasmine had no choice but to go with her mate to where he lived in order to protect her family and to be with her mate. There she will discover many things and how her picture perfect life can turn ugly after all.

Love isn't perfect and sometimes love can be very blinding. Can Damien and Jasmine fight through the differences and become one or will they fall apart like a broken glass?


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2 weeks later


After helping my mother finish rebuilding the homes, I went back to the royal palace to live with Jasmine. Since she was the only child born from Alpha King Giovanni and Alpha Queen Isa, she was destined to be Queen and I couldn't bare the thought of never seeing her. I was her mate and needed to be by her side.<……