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Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, perates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.


"Or what?" She asked in anger. "What is your fucking problem, Marcus? Is it the guy I date? Am I not good enough for them? Ever since Nathan you have been on my fucking case. You keep telling me to drop the guys. I'm a woman, Marcus. I need love just like every other person and I need to feel loved by a man! I deserve that, Marcus!"

My lips came crushing down on hers. I held her face in my hands as I shut up her mouth with mine. She was so quarrelsome and it fucking drives me nuts but at the same time it fucking fuels something ide of me that has me spinning for her.

Detective Marcus Davidson was shy as ever can be. Even when he was excelling in his career, he has failed in his love life. He has secretly loved his best friend's girlfriend for years but because of his shyness he never spoke up. A little bitter at his failure, he found a little consolation in his partner, Naomi Foster.

After working as Marcus's partner for years, Naomi has grown to know the man so well that she has fallen head over heels for him but because she knew his heart was not with him for her to take. She made the decision that she needed to move on.

When Marcus hears that Naomi has started dating, he strangely becomes over protective of her and becomes overly annoyed with the guys she was dating.

Little did he know...that what he has been looking for was right in front of him.


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"I have something I want to talk you about." Naomi said to me as we sat in her living room eating popcorn.

It's been a six months since we have been dating. I have moved in with her after our first month. It was only six months of dating but it seemed much longer since we have known each for five years. I waited patient……