Stuck With Mr. Popular

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It took everything in me not to kiss him back. His lips moved against mine in a perfect rhythm.

"Soaf-Soaf please listen to me" He said while his blue eyes were gazing into mine. His breath fanned my face. We both were panting. My heart was thudding hard against my chest.

"I-I have to go."  I said shocked after what had just happened now.

Fucking shit.

Somehow I got myself out of his grip and  took the file which fell on the floor when he pinned my hands on the wall and ran out of the classroom.

I heard him mumbling a few curse words as I rushed to the door.

"Soaf...Soaf" His voice faded as I ran out of the classroom.

What has just happened? What the hell is wrong with him? He kissed me. Raymond Reynolds-The most popular boy of our school just kissed me. Why would he kiss me? No one even talks to me in at school. He didn't even know my name two weeks ago.

Sophie Esinberg is your typical nerd with glasses, books clutched in her arms and face down while walking down the school hallway.

She wasn't like this earlier. She used to be outspoken and confident. Then what changed her?

Sophie faced a hell lot of bullying and had no one who could stand up for her. After her childhood best friend Daniel left her she accepted her life as a loner.

Not until one day she is forced into a project with School's Famous Bad boy, also known as Mr. Popular- Raymond Reynolds.

Everything comes crashing down when she finds that she is falling for cocky, super hot and irresistible Mr. Popular.

But she knows she's a nobody in his world. She is incompetent.

Will she fight against her instincts?


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Chapter 40

Sophie Esinberg's POV
I cried myself to sleep. Again. This has become a habit of mine.I hardly go out of my room. It's been two weeks now, two weeks since the mask behind the man I loved the most was revealed.
It hurts.
It hurts so much, I can't explain it. Everyday they tell me to start over. Everyday they tell me to forget him. But ……