Laying With His Demons

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"Th-they say you're a murderer," I stuttered, my fingers gripping the binds of the book in my hand tightly as he stepped closer towards me.

Xavier's stormy brown eyes were narrowed mischievously, along with the smirk playing on his lips. His dark hair was a riveting contrast to his eyes, and in the dim lighting he looked almost crazy-- I was frightened.

"Is that so?"

His voice was deep, almost always sounding husky, even with faint humor throughout his words. My chest heaved faster the closer he became. I jumped as my back hit the cold wall. There was no where to run.

"Well, what do you think?" He asked, taking his last step towards me, before he stood, all six feet two of him in front of me.

I opened my mouth to reply, but no words came out. I was speechless, enticed by his warm breath on my neck, my body ached to lean closer to the heat radiating from him.

I gripped the book tighter. He lifted a finger to my cheek, grazing the skin on my jaw-- I flinched. He frowned briefly, but it was gone before I could blink. He dropped his hand.

"I don't know what to believe-- I mean, if I did, what would that make me?"

He chuckled.

"Well, a conspiring assistant."


Anastasia Morgan meets a mysterious man, while visiting her grandmother, who offers her a job offer she can't refuse.

Xavier Reed is a multi-millionaire, bachelor, unbelievably physically blessed and looking for a bride-- but he'll settle for a pretend one at this point, for the sake of his public image. Annie accepts-- but little does she know, he's hiding a dirty little secret.


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“Awe, Honey, I think my wedding rings loose.”

Annie stared down at her hand frustratedly as the wedding ring she’s worn for the past two and a half years wiggled loosely on her finger. Xavier grabbed her hand, examined her finger and placed a quick kiss on her hand.

“I’ll have it fixed, give it to me before yo……