The Be(D)st Friend (18+) I COMPLETED

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"I think my pussy and your dick has a tryst. Just saying."

After several years of being best friends, Ethan Kane and Kiara Sharma's senior high school experience is about to get more excited, like a roller coaster ride; going up and down - literally and figuratively.


Tags: PossessiveSexFriends to LoversHighschoolArrogantDominantGentleComedySweetBxG
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*Three months after Prom*

Ethan's P.O.V

The weather was bleak today. Dark grey clouds hovering above the sun who was hiding behind the running clouds. Everything felt gloomy and grey and . . . dull. Like sunshine was missing.

I chuckled weakly, shaking my head and rolled up from my cold, empty bed. It was ironic how my sunshine……