My Mate's Betrayal

Stana Katic Vampire/Werewolf

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When you are at your lowest there is only one thing you can do and that is to rise. Our protagonist went through some tough sh*t and then like a phoenix she was born again from her ashes. Be the champion you wish for to come and rescue you. This story is about one of those people who choose to become their "Knight in shining armour" rather than waiting for one to show up.

A sneak peek of what's inside.

"Romantic dates, public declaration of love, standing by her side when going gets tough. Girls were jealous of her for getting such a loving and attentive mate or so she thought. It wasn't jealousy that seared their bond but the hidden truth that she stumbled upon.

Daughter of an alpha, a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, sheltered from world by her herculean father, over protective twin and annoying younger brother. A girl that looks at world in good faith. Sooner than later her faith was shredded to pieces.

It happened a week before her 18th birthday. It was a moon less night but her pack was awash with light and cheer. It was for marking ceremony, where she would be marked by her mate. It was a way to welcome her mate into the family and getting to know what was in store for him after they complete their mating when she turned eighteen. She was supposed to be the happiest person alive as nothing seem better then bonding to someone for life that makes you happy and love you for who you are.

But alas! it was an illusion, a beautiful mirage that ended that day."

To know what happened next, tag along. Krep in mind, HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMEN SCORNED.


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Chapter 46- Life Goes On

Hello everyone, i hope all of you enjoyed this story. This is the last chapter and after that there won't be any addition to this story. If you guys want to read a spin off about either Adam or Rose; text me or comment here. Once again thank you for reading this story.

Alkira's pov -

It has been a week and my mind is still affected b……