TWINSANITY (Book #1&2 Complete)

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'''That smile could have ripped my pants off right there. I was his. I would let this sexy creature do anything he wanted to me right here right now at his command.' Was my first thought when I met Devon Lochlan. Never did I expect after the sudden death of my mother, a drastic move in with a father I never knew, and being home-schooled my entire life, to be asked to the prom on my first day of high school by the hottest, most richest boy.''

Everything seemed to be going perfectly well with Devon, and their relationship starts to get deeper, until Kalisia realizes that her boyfriend is not the one that's been sneaking into her room at nights, but his impostor twin brother seeking revenge.

But by then, is it too late? Twisted and torn between them both, how will she face the consequences and deal with their dark past?

Mature for ages 16+: Story has suggestive sex scenes and strong language.


Tags: RevengeLove-trianglePossessiveSexPregnantHighschoolBadboyGoodgirlDramaTwisted
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Chapter 60


"Um, yeah. I've been busy with school stuff." I blushed.

"So you're 17?" He said looking down at my file.

"I'll be 18 in two weeks." I said nervously unable to look him in the eye. I was completely embarrassed.

"Yeah, but you are 17 and you were in a bar." He seemed upset. I understood why. I felt awful for……