His Disgusting Wife

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You are a living corpse to me. I can use you as I wish. You are just my slave and will be treated as one.

He said making her scream by holding her hair.

Please leave me, please

 She said begging him.

Remember, never speak before me unless I ask you to speak. From today, you are denied all your humanly rights. Never smile. Never talk. Never do anything without my permission.

He ordered her.

Aarti, a beautiful and an innocent yet confident girl. She loves everyone around her. She loves even the people who hates her. Her parents expired in her childhood. Grown up by her aunt and uncle who treats her just as a maid.

Marriage made her life more miserable. Now she is a slave to her husband. All her dreams about marriage had been shattered hearing the unthinkable words from her husband on their first night.

Vihaan, one of the world's most handsome but ruthless billionaire. No emotions. No love. For him love is a game, girl is a toy. He is living for his revenge. Unfortunately Aarti became his prey in the game of revenge.

This is a romantic novel which makes you feel sweetness of love with selflessness and sacrifices of one another. At the sametime, you can learn how to live a life with the hidden treasures of life lessons incorporated in the story. After reading this story completely, every girl feels she should get a husband like him who loves her immensely and every boy feels to get a wife like Aarti who supports and understands him so well correcting his every mistake and healing his every wound.

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Vihaan PoV:

I am so happy as Aarti got conceived. We were talking, and the nurse asked me to meet the doctor. I went to meet the doctor.

"Mr Vihaan, I want to tell you a few things. Aarti is weak physically. You must take care of her until her delivery. She should take complete rest and proper diet without any stress or strain. If ……