Devil's Intense Love

Isabelle Sweet Romance

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Everything felt hopeless. After struggling for days, Ellie still had no clue why she was here on this strange planet.
Ellie was running, desperately trying to escape a group of guys who were chasing her. She was well aware of what would happen if they found her…
Before long, one of the men caught up with Ellie and tackled her to the ground. He laughed obscenely as he unbuttoned his pants, while Ellie waited for the pain. But after a few seconds, all was silent. Ellie opened her eyes and found that the man was dead! A tall gentleman stood before her, offering his coat. She was saved!
However, before she could thank the man, Ellie heard two chilling words: “KILL HER!”
*OMG, are you sure you want to kill your wife? You’d better think twice, buddy. *


Tags: MilitaryPossessiveHEKarma/DestinyDominantPowerfulPopstarDramaTwistedBxG
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1-2 Machine Arrival on Earth

Although Ellie was severely criticized by the divisional commander and she promised that his boyfriend wouldn’t hack into the system again, she still asked for a three-day vacation from her commander to spend the Valentine’s day in the city.

Standing under the apartment building, Ellie in the navy-blue uniform was like a model from the……