Blue and Green

Crazy-House LGBT+

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Raven lost his memory and is trying to survive day by day. His only trusted friend is Pie, a bunny. He's not fully sure of what he is or where he came from.

Chris is next in like to be alpha. He's been looking for his mate and luck wasn't on his side. His father calling him to help with a border crossing issue will change that.

The two will meet and their fates will twist together. Raven is special and Chris is vary protective. Go with them on their journey and wild life.


Tags: AdventureWerewolfAlphaSexKidnapPackPowerfulDramaTwistedSweetBxB
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Raven p.o.v

It felt like I was floating. That air around me is think. I would've thought that it would be hard to breath. It was soothing to say the least. I felt warm and comfortable.

It was black all around me too. Not one stream of light. It was still a comfortable thing. I didn't feel afraid or worried.

I blinke……