Creating A Luna

Lily Pierce Vampire/Werewolf

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Aren never had to answer to anyone but herself since her family was killed when she and her twin brother Aaron were twelve. As one of the most accomplished lead singers of her time, she travels the world with her band, 'My Glass Rocket', living the life of a Rogue.
After finding out her brother is the new Beta of one the biggest Wolfpacks in The US, she decided to pay her brother a little visit and take a break from all the stardom to focus on being a wolf.
Shane is the Alpha of La Rosa De Sangre. The biggest werewolf pack in America. Shane finally found his Beta to challenge his work and perfect it. For two years, his Beta constantly brags about his twin sister and all of her success as a Rock Star. Although he wants to meet the only family member of his new best friend, he's not too keen on meeting a girl who has lived as a rogue for the last five years.
A Werewolves of Darkness Novel. (Book One)


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    Some days I wake up with the look she gave me when she opened the door to her packhouse playing in the back of my mind. Other days, all I can think about is the phantom pain of what it felt like to have my mark erased and the agony of losing my son. It brings tears to my eyes when I have to be around my fam……