Brothers' Protection

Gabby C Teen fiction

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Jade Samuel is the youngest and only girl out of eight children. Ever since she's turned ten, she's been known to have personal bodyguards, those being her brothers. She knows that they are keeping secrets from her, and it irks her that she isn't allowed to have a normal teenage life, but what out there is so dangerous that she must be protected 24/7? Not only are secrets uncovered, but romance forms - two things her brothers won’t be so fond of.


Tags: Opposites AttractPlayboyArrogantChildhood CrushComedySweetBxG
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Jade's P.O.V

Ever wonder what happened to my idiotic eldest brother?

Well, he apologized, and it took me some time to accept it...more like a few weeks actually. It's now May 20th, and a lot had changed in the past few months.

For one, Dallas actually GOES to college now. He's not a wandering fella any more, and he atten……