Step Brother

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Hadley grew up without a father. So when she learns her mother's getting married, she doesn't mind. It's the summer before she starts college and her stepfather moves in, bringing his son with him.

Hadley never knew he had a son and she can't stand the fact that she'll have to deal with someone else too. As she gets to know him, she can't help but dislike him.

Maddox has always been on good terms with the girls. They give him what he wants, then walk away. He's perfectly happy with that.

When he meets Hadley, he can't stand her. She's a snobby, spoiled brat. But when their parents leave for a while, alcohol makes them think the complete opposite about each other. One kiss will change everything.


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Jackson holds my hand as we walk into the house. When we get inside, we go up to my bedroom. He sits on my bed, playing on my phone. "Where are you going, mommy?"

I smile, glancing back at my beautiful five year old son. "Daddy's taking me out for my birthday. Wanna help me pick out a dress?"

He nods excitedly, a grin plastered acros……