Came Across A Lost Billionaire


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Vivian Yale has fallen into the mountains during an expedition. Once stranded there, she meets a wild man that more accurately resembles a wolf than a man. He is strong and fierce-but always loyal and around when she needs a protector. He sticks to Vivian’s side- helping her make her way through the mountain wilderness.

When they came back from the remote mountain area, his extraordinary skills of computer gradually shows up, who he is at all?


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Chapter 234 : Life Happens

Vivian looked at her hands rested in her lap.

“So I guess we should probably talk about the fact that you’re moving to a different state in a month,” she said, turning her face up to look at Clark.

Clark looked back at her then looked down.

“Yeah,” he said. “I guess we should.”

They were both quiet, neither one……