Viraai: Awakenings

Patience Mweemba Vampire/Werewolf

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Imagine having to take care of all the responsibilities that your Dad drops on you after passing away because of his bond with your Mom.

Yeah, I lost em both.

Having to control a Pack with over 500 members, expected to make decisions an 18 year old isn't supposed to make. I don't know how many times I've been challenged. I lost count after 47. I've beaten all my opponents with ease. I am a master in 8 different types of martial arts, partake in 6 different types of sports and was trained in all forms of combat by the best, my Dad. I hope to find my Mate one day and protect my Pack against the Rouges, Hunters, Vampires and anyone who might be a threat to our survival.

I'm more than ready.

Oh, and did I happen to mention I'm a girl? Well if not... Hey, the name's Mackenzie Xavier.

Alpha Mackenzie Xavier.


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| The Author's Note. |

That’s all folks!

Sooooooo I am not going to do an ordinary Author’s note for you guys. Instead, I am going to do what I do best, which is narrate this note.

So without out further adieu...

A U T H O R.

I stare at all my faithful and loyal readers both jeering and cheering for me as ……