Her Royal Mate

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"I, Lylia James, an omega reject you as my mate and declare that we are no longer mates and our relationship ends here." She furiously said while stifling a sob threatening to escape her mouth.

Lylia has to be the first Omega to reject her Alpha and walk out from the palace she shared with him.

Aiden William Jr is a definition of spoiled Prince. He sleeps with women as often as he changes clothes. And he doesn't believe in soul mates at all. So when he meets Lylia James in one of the party he's instantly drawn to her. Not only that he claims her on that night itself and later asks her to forget about him.

But looks like fate is definitely not on his side as if he keeps on running into her and trouble ensues when his father, the King finds out about it and wants them to get married.


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Chapter 15

It had been a week since Lylia was staying at her mother's. Luckily enough her mother didn't try to pry for more information, just opened her arms for her daughter. That's the thing she loved most about her mother. She just knew when Lylia needed embrace and comfort.

She had a bland week except for that one night when she had t……