Leave me in the city

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"Let's for once face the reality of life. Beyond our walls, skyscrapers, aircrafts, there is world living in simplicity, nothing much of what we have. And of course, there is royalty in that same world. And now my mom has to help a very inquisitive girl, I mean princess, with her dreams of leaving her home and coming to the city to make an impact."

-Megan Dothany

"I can't believe it, I am finally leaving this prison of a home. I am going to breathe air like never before, city air. And yeah, not even my messy past can stop me."

-Juliana Dabes.

"What if her past did stop her?"



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You've got some slapping to do


"And why is my princess sleeping at this time?"

I sat up lazily on the bed, rubbing sleep effect from my eyes.

"Mom!" I squealed immediately I saw her. She had traveled for some work for about a week now and I sort of missed her presence.

She left the door and came to my side to hu……