The chronicles of Layla

Hadiza Suleiman Romance

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Layla is a strong-witted but naive girl who only wished to please her parents but when she met him, a lot went wrong. Hearts were broken, life's were ruined and all smiles faded.

Admist the choas, she found love and light in her new home. She forgot about her dark past but in order for her heal, she must remember.
Follow Layla on the quest to find herself again.


Tags: MuslimFamilyPregnantGoodgirlGentleParanoidDramaSweetBxG
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Therapy continues!

“Hello beautiful.” I heard his voice. He hugged me from behind. It felt normal. I was used to his touch now I guess. Just a cozy filling. He pecked my cheek. “I missed you Habibty.”

I held his hands which were entwined around my waist. They fit perfectly. I missed his intense masculine perfume. “I missed you too……