The Only Blood

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A small smirk crept up on Adrian's face and a very dirty image ran through my mind, making my face burn.

Oh Goddess....

If it had been just me alone, I might have just let me fingers slip beeen my thighs. It was like a porn movie was going through my head. I didn't know about Aiden and Logan but Adrian could surely smell my arousal from where he was.

I wanted to fucking stop this invasion of my thoughts; I didn't want him to toy with my mind like this anymore.

Adrian's naked image in my brain smirked while fucking the shit out of me, and said, "You can't stop this, Celeste. I'll keep doing this until everyone in this fucking room gets it into their head that you are mine."


Moon Winters, a simple woman leading a simple life among humans, is suddenly thrust into a world full of Werewolves, Vampires and Witches. With only her o inner voices and her gut feeling to guide her, she has to find out a way to survive...

And make a choice beeen her o mates, Adrian Wolfe and Aiden Vamp, both of them being sworn enemies. While Adrian Wolfe is already married to his pregnant wife, Aiden has other secrets to hide.

Will she find out in time? Or will it be too late for her?


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