Her Mysterious Past and Promising future

TwistedNight. Vampire/Werewolf

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This is a Rewrite of What am I. (Contains Mature Content)

Sintia Cross a soon to be 18-year-old Foster child she knows she is part Vampire but she doesn't know of her other half she assumes its human but as her Birthday gets closer strange things to start to happen to her.
will she ever find out what she truly is?


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Chapter 28: Decisions


After I got done talking to Garkor, I felt bad for the kid. He just found out everything. I told him I would tell him the truth, so I did. Well, the truth as I knew it to be, anyway. Such as how they were taken and their mom was forced to work for, doing experiments on supernaturals. She didn’t want to, but she did for them to keep them ……