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Nusrat Jahan Romance

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just I open the door of his room a vase hit the wall beside me I let out a horrific scream.

I look at him with wide eyes , he looked at me rage filled his eyes as he screamed at me

'' GET OUT'' he screamed

i hurriedly open the door and went from there as fast as i can , everyone was right about him , he is a beast no one can control and i definitely can't

Meet Seher Ahmed a sweet , simple , and , spiritual girl, who has full faith in Allah and knows that whatever happens is happens from Allah's wills.

Rizwan Khan was a super star but now nothing but an alcoholic and drug addict , he has dark soul and past bruises which pulling him in darkness

what happen when these two will meet

will Seher able to help Rizwan to get back on his life or she will give up on him just like everyone eles


Tags: Love-trianglePossessiveKarma/DestinySecond ChanceFriends to LoversArrogantGoodgirlDramaTragedyComedy
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I can't believe that one week has gone and I survived with Mr. Rude , I prayed my farz namaz , after that , I went toward the window , the sun was rising, I smiled at the beautiful sight , the fresh air hit my nose as I  inhale deeply , this is my favourite time of the day , the peacefulness and calmness , I felt this time was……