His brother's bride.

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"Starting with you Mr. North, do you accept Selena lorenson as your wife! "

"Yes, I take Selena as my legally wedded wife"

"Now Miss lorenson, do you accept Zane north, your groom as your husband!"

Everyone in the church bust into murmurs and whispers when no answer from the bride's side came. "Miss lorenson, this is the last time I'm asking you... Do you accept Zane north as your husband"

"Yes, I do"... She finally said looking from the corner of her eyes, his stiff face.


On their wedding day, Henry ran away from the house with his ex girlfriend leaving behind a letter for Selena, his bride. But before the letter could reach her it was already late, the bride was there standing at the altar waiting for her groom and people talking and whispering. Now to save both the families from the insult and becoming a topic for gossip in the town Zane, Henry's elder brother decided to get married with his brother's bride Selena, who's not only a spoilt brat girl but also his arc enemy since college times.
Feelings are mutual from her side as well.

Will it be ever possible for them to fall for each other? Or before they could, what if an unexpected guest appears!!!

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"Abby pass me the bowl of rice"... Zane and Selena were not talking to each other. If they had any work, and they knew the other one is capable of doing it, they eoikd instead ask somebody else... For instance, just right now. Sitting upon on the breakfast table Zane asked Abbot to pass it when it kept next to Selena's plate.