Too thick to be sexy

kriss_kross Teen fiction

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This story is about the mayor's secret "fat" daughter living her life as a insecure teenager when her fathers enemy son(smoke ) figures out her secret but happens when he saves her will they fall in love or let there fathers hatred for one another get in the way


Tags: ForbiddenKidnapOpposites AttractHighschoolGentleSensitiveGangsterDrug-dealerDramaBxG
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Chapter 21

"miss where about to close "i looked up and stared at a handsome guy stare his brown eyes into me I nodded and stood up with a sleeping kj on my shoulder and headed for the door"miss are you OK a beautiful girl like shouldn't be looking so sad? "

I nodded without turning around to even look at him I walked out the diner into the rain I pu……