You will be mine

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Kabir I'm not your type and I'm your sister's friend you're like my brother don't say things like this." Darpana plead to him

"Darpana you know, what I want I get by hook or by crook, and I know very well that you're my sister's friend that's why I didn't force you till now but believe me I will get you as my wife soon.." kabir said and came close to her

"soon Darpana singhania you will be Darpana Raichand.. Very soon, be ready to be mine for forever." kabir said in her ears and left the place

"I will be never your's kabir I can't be.. And if you marry me you will regret it. I'm not what you think about me. You only know the Darpana who is damsel in distress but you dont know that what can i do I'm darkness kabir that will ruin your life.. " Darpana said herself

Join Darpana and Kabir in their roller coaster journey of emotions,trust misunderstandings, revenge, love and friendship.. To know more read the story..


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Chapter- 35

Darpana's pov

Last night was a bliss for me. I have him my most precious thing.

But alas I can't stay with him. I need to complete my mission.

I wake up too early in morning. And got ready he is sleeping soundly.

I saw the marks he has left on me. This is screaming that I'm his.……