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“You’re right, I have no idea who I am. Why are you judging me?”
“Judging you? I envy you.”
Since the beginning of times, people have always been wondering “Who am I?”. Some can find the answer, while others spend their whole lives looking for it.
Uriah Black is a twenty-year-old man who is looking for his purpose. Driving from town to town has met a lot of people that are looking for the same thing.
Ruby Silvers is an eighteen-year-old girl who knows exactly who she is and who she is to become. But she is not ready yet. She is still a teenager… running from her past and avoiding her future.
What happens when they run into each other?
" Why don't we make a deal?"
"What kind of deal?"
"I need help figuring out who I am and you need help figuring out how to escape who you are. We could help each other. Deal?"
If only he knew who she really is...


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